Reducing Customer Churn Rate through Analytics


The client provides financial services to 2M+ customers. They were facing revenue losses due to customers churning at a higher rate. They were looking for an intelligent system that would help them improve retention and improve profit margins.


Customer Profiling

We created customer profiles by sourcing customer details and other historical data to analyse them further and identify their purchasing patterns.

ML Models

We developed a Machine Learning model to process the consolidated customer data and generate relevant insights that would help in creating customer retention strategies.

Customer Engagement Model

We proposed a customized customer engagement model through relevant and timely recommendations to avoidcustomer churn.


  • The organization was able to proactively take measures to avoid customer churn by reaching out to customer with relevant information and offers
  • The customer dormancy was reduced by 25%
  • Revenue per customer per month increased by 2-3%



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