Call Center Analytics : Optimizing Operations & Improving Customer Satisfaction


The client had a team of 1000+ agents in their contact centre department to manage customer calls and resolve queries. The client was not able to determine agent requirements for calls due to inaccurate forecasting. They also wanted to allot customer calls to agents who were efficient in terms of call handling time. They wanted to optimize and restructure call centre operations that lead to quick resolution of customer queries.


Forecasting Model

Established a strong call volume forecasting model to estimate customer calls on a given hour of the day.

Mathematical Sequencing Models

Established a Mathematical model to optimize agent requirement for forecasted calls.


  • Improved accuracy of call forecasts helped in balancing the call demand with the correct number of staff
  • First Call Resolution rate improved through smart allocation of calls
  • Agent Performance Dashboards made it easy to track and manage their performance
  • Operational cost was reduced by 30% without affecting the desired service levels



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