Automated claim tracking through microsoft powerapps


  • Absence of an automated and standardized Claim Tracking System and repository for critical business data
  • Inefficiency in terms of traceability, reporting and customization
  • High dependency on manual efforts causing delays and inaccuracy


  • Used Microsoft PowerApps to develop a fully customizable solution to suit the needs of the client
  • Prime focus was on managing leads, claims, DSAR (retrieval of client confidential information from 3rd party providers) and communication with clients
  • 20+ data entry screens, 4 workflows, 3 dashboards and about 100+ business rules, including some rules which were every complex in nature
  • Provision for automated as well as manual comments for different user profiles
  • Automated flows to send emails, create sharepoint folders and manage folder permissions
  • User management at row level including diferent user profiles - individual user, manager, super user and external user


  • 25% saving of effort per claim for an yearly volume projection of 1000 claims managed by a team of 15 users.



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