Transforming Sales Performance for a Real Estate Firm


Managers lacking visibility into customer conversations and sales data sets resulting in lower conversion rates making it very difficult to scale the sales operations. With limited institutional memory, lack of intelligence and high churn rates, organization was not able to deliver the required growth.


Exponentia delivered a CRM add on through its OneTAP application (Android/iOS and Web Application) which enabled Sales team to

  • Record conversations
  • Get customer insights through advanced analytics and integrated the data sets.
  • Conversational Insights on the key sales aspects.
  • Embed the AI in sales process from prospecting to  the final closure to drive better conversions.
  • Provide management reports to Sales team


The OneTap App Automated transcriptions and data entry helped build accurate customer profile and enabled sales teams to focus on high-scoring leads which eventually led to a remarkable 24% increase in conversion rates. Training time for sales reps was reduced by 67% with the use of playbooks. Additionally, relevant recommendations resulted in a notable 12% increase in cross-selling and upselling activities.

To know more, download the full case study below.



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