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Transforming Data Management with AWS for a Global Paper and Packaging Company


Overcoming Data Growth and Infrastructure Costs: - The paper division of a global paper and packaging company was finding it difficult to keep up with rapid data growth and the escalating costs of infrastructure. Their onpremises systems were unable to manage the increasing data size, leading them to partner with to build a scalable Data Platform on AWS.


Implementing a Modern Data Platform on AWS conducted a comprehensive 5-week discovery phase, which included current portfolio analysis, challenges and gap analysis, technology and process maturity assessment, cloud fitment, TCO assessment, cost calculations, and planning for future state architecture. The solution incorporated modern data platform services on AWS, streamlining various data processes and delivering a cutting-edge data management platform.


Enhanced Efficiency and Cost Savings The new system led to significant improvements in efficiency and cost savings. The pipeline run time was reduced by 70%, ensuring timely delivery of reports. Clear visibility on future costs was achieved, with the overall TCO of the new platform being 20% lesser over a period of three years.

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