Wealth Management
Procurement Spend Analytics to drive cost saving and optimize suppliers


Lack of visibility and control over procurement spend data, resulting in inconsistencies and errors due to manual processes and Excel spreadsheets.

Complex supplier categorization issues impacting cost-saving opportunities, negotiation strategies, cashflow management, and procurement performance measurement.


Establishing a centralized AWS repository to enhance visibility and control.

Implementing automation and machine learning for precise supplier categorization and streamlined operations.

Integrating diverse data sources, cleaning data, and utilizing Power BI analytics for effective procurement performance visualization and communication.


On course to achieve cost savings of $30M (3% improvement) through enhanced procurement excellence, while also optimizing supplier relationships, improving product/service quality, and empowering decision-making.

Efficiently managed cashflows and working capital, resulting in time savings of up to 51 days annually.

To know more, download the full case study below.



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