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Harnessing the power of Automation in Workflow Management


The client operates 2000+ ATMs pan India and receives requests to approve ATM repair and maintenance bills from OEMs. These OEMs raise requests by entering data into excel sheets and requesting approval from the client through emails. Once the request has been inspected by the different levels of management of the client (L1, L2 & L3), the response is sent to the OEMs through emails after being approved by the finance team. The entire system was manual, lacked a central repository to store data, approvals and bills and caused high dependence on traditional data storage methods.


Digitization of the approval process

The existing system of approval was manual which made it difficult to keep a record of requests and their responses at one place. The approval process was digitized to curb challenges faced in manual process.

Establishment of a centralized system for data storage and management

Since data management and storage was one of the primary challenges faced in the manual process, a centralized data repository was created in the new workflow. This made all the requests and approvals documented and stored in one place.

Making data retrieval easier for audit/ analysis purposes

As an additional benefit to data storage, the digitized platform also provided access to old requests and approvals for audit purposes in future.


  • A central data repository was set up to track all the approvals and bills in real time and retrieve them for auditing purposes in future
  • Documentation of approvals and bills were recorded in one place
  • Automation of data inflows eliminated dependence on manual data management
  • Availability of online data made applying for financial provisions easier



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