Accelerating Business Outcomes with Data Platform Modernization


The organization was earlier using a legacy data platform. With increased size of data, the current data platform was proving to be inefficient in processing huge volumes of data in time. This caused a delay in the decision making process. Carrying out certain operations manually further delayed the process and affected overall data availability.

They were looking for a modern and faster data processing platform to solve their current challenges.


Transformation of stored procedure

We transformed 13 legacy stored procedures & optimized them to save time and consume less memory than before. We made them compatible to run on the modern platform (Synapse Analytics).

Framework for Coding & Testing

We set up a framework to test performance of the new procedures and operations dashboard in Qlik Sense. We also tested code refactoring to improve implementation of the software, while preserving its functionality.

Post-Production Support

Before deploying the new platform, a User Acceptance Testing (UAT) was conducted to test the new platform’s performance. We also provided post-production support to monitor and manage the new system once itwas live.


  • Data processing time was reduced by more than 80% thus accelerating decision making process.
  • The cost of data infrastructure was reduced by 50%



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