‘OneTAP’ built on our proprietary framework allows CEOs not just to keep up with key business performance indicators but also to analyze data in real time and make decisions faster. The framework integrates leading BI tools at the back-end to generate insights while powering collaboration around these insights through host of web technologies at the front-end. With its ease of integration and host of customizable features you can start using the app with hardly any set-up time.



Insights on-the-go:

Bring your data to life with dynamic dashboards and generate insights even when you are on the move. Experience the convenience of mobile without compromising the analytical rigor

Insights to decisions:

Collaborate around your data to make right decisions faster. Host of feature like alerts, e-mail integration and push notifications etc. fosters collaboration

Plug & Play:

Easily integrate visualization tools used in your organization and realize the full potential of your data without any additional cost

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