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Having rich experience and expertise in solving complex business problems for our customers using analytics and business intelligence; explore Exponentia's Advanced analytics and insights accelerators to accelerate data to decisions.

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Qlik Bot

We have made conversational analytics and insights generation easy. You can simply plug-in Qlik Sense backend to our custom-built Bot and start conversing with your data. The bot is so powerful that it creates visualizations on the fly in response to your text query. Whether you want to know how your salesforce is performing or where most of your costs are getting incurred, this Qlik Bot can find answers to all your queries, hence, it deserves to be your personal business assistant.

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‘OneTAP’ built on our proprietary framework allows CEOs not just to keep up with key business performance indicators but also to analyze data in real time and make decisions faster. The framework integrates leading BI tools at the back-end to generate insights while powering collaboration around these insights through host of web technologies at the front-end. With its ease of integration and host of customizable features you can start using the app with hardly any set-up time.

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Speech Bot

Realize the power of AI, Machine Learning and Analytics through our Voice Bot by generating insights on the go. We have built a powerful platform that allows you to integrate your traditional BI tools with market leading voice assistants like Alexa and Google Home. With in-built NLP and AI capabilities our robust platform converts questions asked in multiple languages including regional languages into machine compatible queries to fetch required data and presents the insights in the user preferred natural language. This voice bot is already helping CXOs of our client organizations to make data backed decisions faster.

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DDIT Framework

This framework is a culmination of our years of expertise and wisdom in creating and deploying dashboards at several leading organizations around the globe. The framework strings together all the building block of designing and deploying dashboards. From design considerations & approach to KPI formulae, Dimension details, test areas and traceability to source; this framework has it all at one place.

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Alert Extension

The success of a BI solution depends on the effectiveness in providing timely input for decision making. Hence, it’s very important that the decision makers are informed when there is a significant change in the critical business performance indicators. Our alert extension is designed to trigger a notification to the users on the breach of certain predefined threshold for a KPI value. The alert can be sent in various formats like e-mail, SMS etc. We have integrated and deployed this extension at many of our clients with Qlik Sense dashboards.

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